The two rings of the new city Riva

A total of 850 m in length, between which is a ring of cafés and restaurants, can also be completely covered, depending on the season and the weather, and it uses a natural method of insolation using pergolas. This would create a waterfront that could function 365 days a year.
The Riva is the city’s promenade, completely defined by the southern façade of Diocletian’s Palace, while the east coast is the traffic/commercial center of the city and the west coast where the sea and Marjan Forest Park collide, with green belts descending down the hill through densely built structures all the way to the very coast of the sea. The purpose of this project is to interweave in a high-quality manner all of the existing natural, topographic (Marjan Forest Park) and tourist (Hotel Marjan, Hotel Ambasador, wellness and spa centers, etc.) resources of the west coast, connecting Marjan with the highly urban structure of the city. With that the west coast becomes a place where one can experience, in a way unimaginable until now, all the “bliss” of Split as a contemporary Mediterranean city which, while being respectful of its past, is developing the highest standards of contemporary urbanity open to the future…

The green Oasis of Marjan Forest Park

Beneath the ring of the Riva, cafés, and restaurants would be a five-floor underwater hotel which would get natural light from the surrounding ring of sea water. A mirror system would intensify the reflection of the sunlight and the word “aquarium” would thus gain a whole new meaning.

New Diocletian Palace ST22HR Sustainable city


The future of the project lies in an initiative where the city understands that the development of a city should be considered in the long-term while being entirely serious and responsible. So, the Split 22 project is an idea which needs to be worked on intelligently and systematically. I hope that will happen ...

„Split's new artery” and its excellent transport links with the metropolitan region of central Dalmatia – Trogir, Kaštela, Omiš and center Split – will together with the new facilities and infrastructure doubtless define Split as a Mediterranean center of development and point of attraction on the eastern Adriatic.

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