As the most complex part of the City Harbor – its east coast – is currently in an unsustainable condition, the concept of TELEGRIN 22 TELEGREEN offers a solution which strikes a compromise with which the city of Split would solve its most critical problems (traffic, insufficient parking space, transit of vehicles and tourists, quality of living, employment) in a sustainable and non-invasive, way.

The name Telegreen signifies a sort of reflection of Marjan and its peak, Telegrin, across an axis through the heart of the city harbor and to the east coast. The project offers a universal solution, or principle, which resolves the problems of traffic, parking, and the constant lack of greenery in a thoroughly simple and sustainable manner. It meets all the city’s needs without any megalomaniacal or aggressive undertakings in the area.

The “Split Field”, lost through urbanization, is brought back this way, as the top level is always “green.” The urban design of the east coast is a key link in the revitalization of the broader picture of the city

Polyvalent Halls

The central, round area of the amphitheater and its seating can, depending on the occasion, be divided into three functionally independent areas under which there are service facilities, technical facilities and so on.

Heliport • Command Bridge • Stage

A 600 m² heliport which is also used for various out-door events is located in the very center of the amphitheater, at the intersection of three super girders. Beneath the heliport is a command bridge of equal size with a view of all three halls. All the systems which are important for the normal functioning of the amphitheater are commanded from here. It also has conference centers with all accompanying facilities. The stage area, equally distributed in the amphitheater, is also in three equal parts which can be raised or lowered independently of each other. The hydraulically moveable stage would also be used, for example, for medals ceremonies within the scope of the sports event of Split – Olympic City 2022

the New Peristyle

The theater had its multifunctional purpose even in the classical period. it was a place where the arts and politics, the spiritual and the worldly met. Similarly, the amphitheater in Split becomes a meeting place for people, a venue for important events, a polyvalent space for all occasions.

The word amphitheater comes from Greek (amphi – on both sides, double, theatron – place for viewing) and signifies a structure with a full circle layout with seating tiers surrounding the arena.

Project Gallery

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